Want me to grade a post?

Hi class!  This is our second edition of “Want me to grade a post?”  Here’s how it works:

Every Friday, we will meet in lab 300 so you have class time to post your work as well as read and comment on your peers’ blogs.

You should be posting about once a week, on average.  You get 10 points for every post you make (you need 12 total).

Keep in mind that five of your posts will be graded by me; I will be assessing whether or not you are achieving your writing goals.

If there is a specific post you want me to grade, you should copy and paste the link to the post (not your blog) in the comments section of this post.  In addition, indicate in your comment what goals I am assessing you on (minimum of two of them).

You’ll know I’ve graded it once I post a comment directly on the post.  I will never post the grade you received on your blog.  I will give you the grade in person.

You must share a link to a post for me to grade TODAY (if you haven’t already done so).  This first graded post will be worth 50 points.

Any questions?  Don’t be afraid to ask.

Now, I have a question: “Want me to grade a post? If so, comment below!”


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