Oulipo Poetry

Daily Prompt WN #19: Catharsis

Take a few minutes to write about whatever’s on your mind.  Don’t over think it.  Just write.

Did you know that Math and English can work side by side to create poetry?  It’s called Oulipo.

There are two kinds: “N+7” and “Snowball.”


(you’ll need a dictionary for this one)

Look up your favorite poem and write it in your notebook.

Underline all of the nouns in the poem.

For each noun, look it up in the dictionary, then replace it with the noun appearing seven words away.  Be sure that the noun is a completely new noun and not merely a form of the original.

Be sure to replace the nouns in the title as well.



Version One: Write a poem in which each line gets progressively one word longer (first line is one word, second line is two words, third line is three words, etc.)

Version Two: Write a poem where, within each line, the words get progressively longer (example: I am far from happy Mother reduced)


Decide which one you’d like to try in class today and give it a go.  You may work alone or team up with someone in class.

Be prepared to share your work with the class.



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