Workshop Day

Daily Prompt

WN #20: Terza Rima

Terza Rima is a poetic rhyme structure used by the famous poet, Dante Alighieri.  Terza stands for “three” which means every stanza is comprised of three lines.  The key is that the stanzas created are interlocked by their rhyme pattern.

aba bcb cdc ded efe

Take ten minutes and try crafting a few lines using this format.  If you enjoy it, use class time today to craft a well-polished piece.

Let’s share some of our Oulipo poetry.

Before you leave today, I need everyone’s self-evaluation participation grade.  They’re in your student progress tracker packets.

Okay folks, it’s another workshop day.  While I am conferencing with students individually, these are your options:

* write in your writer’s notebook about anything in any form

* work on a post for your blog

* read a great book

* help a fellow writer with his/her writing

Okay, happy writing/reading!



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