Chain Story

The act of writing collaboratively is powerful.

With that in mind, our class will be writing a chain story.  Here’s how it will work:

* Read the introduction to the story (in this post) and any comments (this is where the story will continue).

* Continue where the story left off in a new comment you create.

* IMPORTANT: in your comment, “tag” someone to add on to the story.  That person should try to add on to the story within 48 hours. Feel free to add your own personal flair to it.  Let your writer’s voice shine through!

* EVERYONE must participate, BUT you have to wait until another classmate “tags” you.

You get 10 points for posting.

Happy Writing!

Here’s the first installment of our chain story:


“That One Night”


The night was a thick, damp blanket suffocating us.  Orange bumps spread across the ground like a festering rash, threatening to trip us as we precariously made our way through the pumpkin patch.

It was after hours.

What are we doing here?  I asked myself for the hundredth time.


Tony Stark, “TAG!  You’re it!”  🙂




11 thoughts on “Chain Story

  1. We were blindfolded, pushed into the van and then thrown out into this patch. The rules were that we had to be back at the original location in 24 hours, but I had no idea where we were to begin with. No phones, no cars, no supplies; just a flare gun to surrender. It was our initiation. Frankie, Donny and I were carefully stepping around these pumpkins to get to the bright lights that laid ahead. We were getting closer and closer. Finally we stepped through a few rows of trees and found ourselves in front of the biggest, most famous house in America. Just as great and protected as they say.
    So I ran. Then the sirens started.
    We were at the White House.
    We started in Ohio.
    And we had 24 hours to get back to the original location or else we had to deal with the feared, ferocious, mystical, magical and ruthless fairy God-mother. Leader of the mystical mafia.

    TAG: youz iz it. go nuts girl

  2. When we left to head back to Ohio we noticed we were being watched. Every left turn, every right turn, every where we went someone was following us. We couldn’t bare to stop and see who it was so we just kept going.
    The night was cold and foggy, and we had one intention. To get back on time, safely.
    We weren’t quite sure why we were being followed but it wasn’t anything any of us have ever been apart of, and who ever it was sure knew it’d drive us crazy. tag your it!

  3. By the time we were in West Virginia, we all knew we were going to have to face the facts and face our shadow. The three of us shared a look and then a nod, the way we always do. We always know what each other is thinking; it’s one of the side affects of being life-long comrades.
    Frank, driving, pulled over, and the shadow followed, true to it’s stalker status. We all hopped out of the van and tried to become as big and tough as we could (for us, that’s pretty difficult).
    As soon as we saw who it was, however, we relaxed. It wasn’t a fairy-tale gang leader, thank God. It was just Alex.
    “Hey guys, didja make it?” , you’re up.

  4. “were not in Ohio yet..” Alex hopped in the van with us. Franks driving was probably enough to kill us. We swerved on every turn and he hit the brakes on every stop light. By the time were in Ohio it was enough to make us want to kiss the ground and thank god we were still in tact. Our shadows of course were still following us, but the light had almost run out and it would almost be time for them to go home and rest, unless of course there was street lamps which to our dismay there was. I turned on my heel to get the supply’s we needed out of the trunk. If you have watched supernatural you know there trunk is full of weapons. Ours was kind of like that… except way cooler. We were all good until we heard the chilling voice of the fairy god mother “well look what we have here” we turned our heads to get a glimpse. She was oddly beautiful with pale skin, black hair that went to her waist, and ice blue eyes. She smiled when she turned to us and said “any last words?” I nodded and turned to Frank “next time, I’m driving”

    thoughtsofapianist tag your it

  5. We all looked at eachother in disbelief. It was the fairy godmother who had been behind this. “You all think you’re so clever, making it back to Ohio in one night.” The fairy godmother sneered. “Well you’re not. I could send you to Alaska if I really wanted to but it is obvious I’m not going to be able to get rid of you anytime soon.” All four of us looked at each other and laughed. Why was she so mad? It’s Halloween. Nobody should be this cranky on Halloween. “You four ruined Halloween for me a long time ago so I’m going to ruin it for you.” Alex replied, “How did we ruin Halloween for you? We barely talk to you.”

  6. “By making it all about your precious candy and costumes, you see. What about the real creatures of Halloween; Dracula, Frankenstein, and the werewolves that stroll through the night? They’re no longer scary! You’ve made them into a mockery. We’ve all been around longer than your silly traditions and we demand you to change them!” Said the fairy godmother, her small pinched face filling with rage.
    “Then why are we here out of all people? Why us?” Alex screamed.

  7. “Why doesn’t matter,” she snickered, “all that matters is that I’m here, and you’re here. But not for long.”
    Her nasty crackling voice made us all uneasy. We started to realize that she is no joking matter. She was angry, but a malicious smile rested uneasily on her face. I opened my mouth to speak, but no words could find their way out. I slowly moved my head around to grab attention from the others. They all looked unsure as well. We are tough kids, not easily scared, but this time… it felt different.
    “Nothing to say, huh? Not a single one of you?” The fairy godmother laughed in pity.

  8. The evil fairy gang leaders crew snatched us up and tied our hands and feet up and tossed us in a van parked close by. We were all so clueless and lost for words. Sharing awkward glimpses back and forth our faces turned red. I think Alex started crying but he put his head between his knees. It seemed like a hard thing to do since his hands and feet were tied up.
    “You okay buddy?” Frankie whispered as if we weren’t in enough trouble already.
    “BE QUIET!” one of the larger body guards yelled.
    We all looked down. Not even a peak from anyone. We were all hopeless. After being on the road so uncomfortably for so long I looked up to see if anyone else was crying. Suddenly I see Alex’s hands and feet untied.
    “Wake up losers.” Alex snickered.
    It all made sense now, Alex wasn’t just in West Virginia for absolutely no reason. Our minds raced.

    petertsanguine your turn buddy.

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