Identifying Genres

Daily Prompt

WN #25: Thinking about Genres

In the context of writing, the word genre is a reference to a type of writing which has unique characteristics in regards to narrative elements such as setting, plot, character, and theme (just to name a few).

Brainstorm as many genres as you can think of and then identify the following on your list:

* your favorite genre to READ

* your favorite genre to WRITE

* genres you’ve never read or written

Be prepared to discuss.

Let’s share our lists and create a class list of genres, including characteristics of each.

Let’s discuss what genres we are comfortable with and which ones we haven’t gotten to know yet.

Here are some additional lists of genres.  As you will see, it can be very broad or very specific!

Reading Genres

35 Genres

This week, the goal is to write in a genre you’ve NEVER written in before.  You make choose to dabble in poetry or prose.

To do this, we’re going to create genre “teams” this week.

Writing in a genre you’re not used to can be tricky.  By creating a writing team, you can discuss, brainstorm, and consult together.  Feel free to utilize our class bookshelf as well to see some examples in this genre.

If you want, you might choose to write a piece with a partner or small group.  You may also write individually.  The idea is to use your team mates for support and ideas.

Let’s create our teams, then begin brainstorming.  You will be working with these pieces and these teams all week.

Keep in mind: you will ALL be writing something eerie/spooky next week in the spirit of Halloween, so you might want to avoid that this week.  It’s up to you though.

Happy writing!


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