New Genre Team Sharing

Daily Prompt

WN #27: Lifing a Line

Take a line you highlighted in your notebooks from yesterday. Make it the first line of a new piece and begin adding on to it.

Take ten minutes.

Let’s get back in our teams and do a bit of sharing.  Take your notebooks out and flip to the piece of writing you have been working on in a new genre.  At the top of the page, write down at least two questions you have that your peers can answer for you when they read your piece.  This will give them a focus when they read your work.

Now pass your notebooks in a clockwise circle.  Read what each other have so far in this new genre and write comments, questions, and ideas, being sure to include a response to the questions at the top.

When you are done, read the notes you wrote each other and then discuss at your tables.

As always, happy writing!



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