Halloween-themed Writing

Daily Prompt #30: What are you afraid of?

Take five minutes and make a list of what frightens you.

Be prepared to share with the class.

This week, we’re going to dabble in the following genres: horror, suspense, and mystery.  You will all be crafting a “spooky” piece to put on your blogs.  For those who want extra credit, you can share a link to your post on our class blog and then read it to the class on Thursday.

You may write a poem, flash fiction, or short piece of fiction.  You might even want to try your hand at an epistle!

Please note we are meeting in Lab 300 this week on Wednesday.

We will be having a sharing party on Thursday.  Let’s get a food sign-up going!

To help craft your spooky pieces, complete the following activities today:

*Select one of the items from the list above.

*Writing from 1st person point of view, describe a scene where you are forced to face this fear.

*As you write, remember to incorporate imagery.  Utilize all five senses.

*Consider using figurative language (metaphor, simile, personification) to heighten your feelings of fear.

*Consider the ending.  Do you want it to end well?  Badly?  Ambiguously?

*What is the purpose of your piece?  What do you want your readers to feel after reading it?

*Do you want to add an ironic twist anywhere?



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