Analyzing Song Lyrics

Daily Prompt

WN #45: Inspired by Music

Mad World by Michael Andrews and Gary Jules

As you listen to the music, write down your reactions to it.  This could be in the form of words, phrases, and images.

When the music is done, write about how the music and lyrics work together to create meaning.

Discuss at your tables how song lyrics and poetry are similar, yet different.  Be prepared to discuss with the class.

Now get into groups of three or four, ensuring you have at least one phone you can play music on.   Pick a song to listen to and analyze it as a group, considering the following:

*What does the instrumentation tell us about the song?

*What do the vocals and lyrics tell us about the song?

*Who is the target audience for this song?

Let’s discuss as a class what we’re noticing about the structure of song lyrics and their relationship to the music.

What kind of music do you enjoy and why?  What do you notice about lyrics and how they change as you move from different types of musical genres?


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