Song Lyrics Creation Day

Daily Prompt

WN #47: Inspired by Music

Falling Slowly: (lyrics by Glen Hansard) from the musical, Once.

As you listen to the music, write down your reactions to it.  This could be in the form of words, phrases, and images.

When the music is done, write about how the music and lyrics work together to create meaning.

Let’s start class with a laugh by creating another song together:  Song Generator.

Today, I’m going to challenge you to write some song lyrics to one of these instrumental tracks.  If you’re struggling, try to simply write a poem or short narrative triggered by the music (something you could imagine being read while this is playing).  This can later translate into song lyrics.  If you find an instrumental song you like better, go with that.

Try it alone or with a partner.  Have fun!

Good Times


Sad Piano

So Sad

Dark Angry Hip Hop Rap Beat