Preparing to write a memoir

Daily Prompt WN #50: Timeline of My Life

Create a detailed timeline which spans your entire life. Create one-year increments.  Then, begin filling in as many memories as you can recall, positive and negative.  Don’t worry about their importance; you’re just churning up memories at this point.  Minimally, you should have 20 events.  Likely, you will have many more.

Now, look through your timeline and circle the five events which have impacted you most.  These might be great moments to write about in memoir form.

While I am conferencing with students today, take the time to do one of the following

  • Continue reading the memoirs from yesterday and completing the written portion of the assignment
  • Start free writing about one of the events you circled on your timeline.
  • Read a really great book (remember a second review will be due the week we return from holiday break.