Preparing to write a memoir (continued)

Daily Prompt WN #51: Inspired by Music

Stumbling in your Footsteps by Get Scared: Lyrics

Take five minutes to write down your reactions to this song.  Be prepared to discuss with the class.

Today, you’re going to continue working with the timeline activity from yesterday.  Here are the list of activities to work on as you prepare to write a memoir.

  • If you’re comfortable doing so, share your top five events with peers and ask them which two events would be most interesting for them to read. It might give you some inspiration!  If you don’t feel comfortable with this, pick your top two on your own.
  • Once you’ve picked your top two events, complete the following prewriting activity for each event:
    • Create a five senses chart and fill in as much detail as you can recall (minimum 10 specific senses for the whole chart).
    • Write a short paragraph (minimum 4 sentences), reflecting on how this event has affected your life and what, if anything, you’ve learned from it.
  • After reading your prewriting from your top two events, decide which one you can most effectively write a memoir about. Which one do you have the most reflective thoughts on?  Which one do you most vividly remember with sensory detail?  If you’re really torn between the two, get a second opinion!
  • The last step now before beginning to write your memoir is to create a plotline chart. You can write it out however you would like, but it needs to include the following info:
    • Attention Getter, Rising Action, Climax, Falling Action, Resolution

Tomorrow you will have the entire hour to write the rough draft of your memoir.


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