Class Chain Story

Daily Prompt WN #57: Catharsis

Write for five minutes about whatever is floating around your brain right now.

Today we’re going to have a little fun exploring different interpretations.

First, move around the room so that we four full tables.

On a post-it note, write down a word, phrase, sentence, or question.  It can be about anything you want.

Open your notebook to the next fresh page.  Stick the post-it note at the top.  Now pass your notebook to the left.

Read the post-it note and write a creative response to it in that person’s notebook.  It can take whatever form you like.

When I say switch, you should flip to the next fresh page in this person’s notebook and put the post-it at the top.  Pass the notebook to the left.

Repeat the process (read the post-it and write a response).

The key is that no one should read any other person’s response to the post-it note.  Your response should be totally unbiased from any other writing.

After a few rounds, you’ll get your original notebook back and get to read multiple peers’ unique responses to your post-it note.

Happy writing!

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