Final Project

Daily Prompt WN #58: Catharsis

Write for ten minutes about whatever is floating around your brain right now.  I bet some things happened over break!

Can you believe the semester is almost over?  You only have ten more days in this class (including today).

For that reason, let’s talk about the remainder of the semester.

You have a few deadlines coming up:

Friday, January 9th: 2nd book review is due (worth 75 points) (in Lab 300 on this day)

Monday, January 12th: Submission to online literary journal: final project (worth 150 points) emailed to me by the end of class. (in Lab 300 on this day)

Thursday, January 15th: “Outside the Classroom Walls” proof of submission (worth 50 points) AND all posts complete (12 required for full points) (in Lab 300 on this day)

Friday, January 16th: LAST DAY.  Class celebration: everyone is required to share a favorite piece from the semester which is NOT theirs.

Here are the requirements for the final project.

Since your class will be the inaugural “issue” of our online journal, you get to come up with the name.

You also get to help me decide the “look” of it as it will be its own separate website which we’ll link to our class website.

Let’s brainstorm and come up with something great!


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