Final Project due Today!

Hi folks!  We are meeting in Lab 300 today.  It’s important that you complete your final project and email it to me this evening so I can put the online journal together.  Here is the link to the journal (still a work in progress) so you can see a personal sample page (what you will be emailing me).

Please see me if you are confused at all about how to put the final piece together.

Happy writing!

TODAY: Monday: LAB 300. Final Exam Project Due (150 points) Click here to see details.

Tuesday: CAREER CENTER (Blogging day)

Wednesday: CAREER CENTER (Blogging day)

Thursday: LAB 300.  All 12 blog posts for semester due.  “Outside the Classroom Walls” proof of submission due.  Self-participation grade due.  Online class journal will be complete!  Read it and post comments.

Friday: Classroom.  90 minutes.  Class breakfast and celebration.  Come with your top 5 favorite posts from the semester (NOT your own) written down so you can share with the class.


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