Blogging (today and tomorrow)

Hi folks!

IMPORTANT.  Turns out I can’t copy and paste your images from Google Docs and Word onto our literary blog.  For that reason, I need you to email me a jpg version of your picture.  Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience.  The pages look so much better with the pictures though!  🙂

Today and tomorrow we are in the career center so you can get all of your finishing touches done for the semester. This may mean simply reading other people’s posts and commenting on them, depending on what you’ve completed.

Here is a reminder of what’s due:

Thursday: LAB 300.  All 12 blog posts for semester due.  “Outside the Classroom Walls” proof of submission due.  Self-participation grade due.  Online class journal will be complete!  Read it and post comments.    

Friday: Classroom.  90 minutes.  Class breakfast and celebration.  Come with your top 5 favorite posts from the semester (NOT your own) written down so you can share with the class.

Happy reading and writing!


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