Class Assessments, Writing Goals, and Reading like a Writer

Daily Prompt

WN #6: writing inspired by literature

Today’s sample is from The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.

After listening to the excerpt, write for 5 minutes about your reaction to the text.  Your response can come in any form, including prose or poetry, creative or analytical.


We have several items to accomplish today: writing goals, selecting a text to read, and reviewing the assessments for the course.

Here goes!

First, let’s talk assessments: the following three documents will help you understand how you’ll be graded, when writing deadlines are, and how to track your progress in regards to your individualized writing goals.

Assessments Overview : these are all of the assignments for the entire semester.

Student Progress Tracker: this is an important packet you’ll be adding to all semester and using during conferences with me.  Keep it somewhere safe!

Student Grade Template: I will be keeping this sheet, but today, you’ll be adding your goals to it.  I will use this to chart your progress and for conferencing.

This semester, one of our goals is to teach you how to read like a writer.  Let’s talk about what that means.

Please feel free to peruse my bookshelves and check out a book!  Our first day of SSR will be Tuesday, February 17th.  Please have your book by that date.

Finally, you’re going to develop writing goals for the class.  Let’s discuss how to go about writing meaningful goals.

Now, on a scrap sheet of paper, write down some ideas you have for goals.  Share your writing goals at your tables as well to get more ideas and help with crafting them.  When you’re ready, share them with me.  Once they’ve been approved, write them somewhere in your notebooks where you can refer to them often.  Keep in mind they may be modified as the semester progresses.

Tomorrow, we start our unit on blogging.  Get excited!





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