Reading like Writers

Daily Prompt

WN #9:  Making a list

Make a list of all the books and authors you’ve read that you really enjoy.

Under your list, write down specifics as to what you like about these books and authors, and if there are any trends in what you read, and why.

Write for five minutes.

Today is our first day of reading like writers.  For 30 minutes, I’d like you to read silently.

As you read, I want you to “mine for gold.”  When you come across a word, phrase, or sentence you love, write it down.  Reserve around ten pages at the back of your notebook for recording your thoughts on “Reading like a Writer.”  I have a post-it notes to give you to mark this part of your notebook.



Now, read over the words, phrases, and sentences you wrote down.  Then, write a paragraph explaining what it is you like about these words.  Be as specific as you can.  Take five minutes.

Now, for the remaining ten minutes, I’d like to share the “gold” we found.



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