Reading like Writers

Daily Prompt

WN #11:  Flash Fiction

Read the following piece of flash fiction written by your peer.

You’re a stranger, with MY secrets.     ~Vaughn Valentino

Incorporate this line into your own short piece of fiction.  It could be the first line, in the middle, or the last line. It’s up to you.

Write for ten minutes.

Today is our second day of reading like writers.  For 30 minutes, I’d like you to read silently.

As you read, I want you to be thinking about what the primary technique you believe the author is using in this section.  For example, do they rely more on dialogue or plot?  Do they use a lot of figurative language or simple sentences?  Try to be very aware of what the author is doing to keep your interest. Feel free to jot down notes to yourself as you read.



Now, for ten minutes, I want you to write down a reflection of today’s reading, focusing on the author’s techniques.

Be prepared to share in class tomorrow.






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