Flash Fiction Workshop

Daily Prompt

WN #12:  Flash Fiction

Read the following piece of flash fiction written by your peer.

“What is it like to breathe?”     ~natalia renee solis

Incorporate this line into your own short piece of fiction.  It could be the first line, in the middle, or the last line. It’s up to you.

Write for ten minutes.

Hi class!  Let’s start by discussing the authors’ techniques from your reading yesterday.

For the remainder of class, I’m going to continue conferencing with students.

As I do, you should work on writing a more polished piece of flash fiction (typically no more than 700 words).

Consider having a peer read it and give you feedback.

Consider posting it on your blog tomorrow.

If you’re not feeling the flash fiction bug, write something else.  As long as you’re writing, you’re using time wisely.

Remember we are meeting in lab 300 tomorrow.  Your first graded post will be due.  Directions will be provided tomorrow on how to submit.

Happy writing!





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