Fiction and Point of View

Daily Prompt

WN #13: Rereading and Highlighting

You’ve written 12 entries in your notebook now.  It’s time to comb back through it.  Take a highlighter, pen, and/or pencil and begin rereading.  As you do, mark words, phrases, or ideas you had that you find interesting.  Feel free to write new thoughts and ideas in the margins.

For today’s entry, write a brief reflection on how you view your writing so far.  Are you noticing any patterns?  Can you identify your writer’s voice yet?  What do you see as your strengths?  Use these questions as spring boards for exploring your writing persona.

Take 15 minutes.

Now it’s time to start breaking down the elements of what makes fiction effective.  We’re going to play around today with a generic scenario, then write about it from different points of view to see how that changes the story.

Let’s brainstorm a few ideas for basic scenarios.  Then, we’ll branch out into different points of view to tell the story.

Be prepared to share your work.

Before you go, be aware of a contest Cromaine Library is hosting.  It’s a great chance to showcase your writing talent and maybe win some cash!




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