Daily Prompt

WN #15: How many ways can you rewrite a sentence?

Take a favorite sentence you’ve already written in your notebook and rewrite it at the top of this entry.  You can start completely from scratch and write an original sentence as well.  Your choice.

NOW, rewrite this sentence five times in five different ways.  You can add words, delete words, or take an entirely new angle.  The key is to start recognizing how much time you can spend crafting the perfect sentence for your purposes.

Be prepared to share with your peers.

Today, I want to make sure you know how to write dialogue correctly.  Dialogue, though not necessary, can be a powerful tool when writing fiction.

Now, to practice, I want you to partner up with someone.  You’ll be trading notebooks back and forth, each writing dialogue.  The key is to sound authentic and to practice proper punctuation.  You should use dialogue tags and may include additional sentences to add descriptive detail to the plot, characters, and settings.

Let’s brainstorm a few scenarios to get you started.  Seek to create a complete plot (beginning, middle, and end).

Now, time to start your dialogue!

When you’re complete, consider typing and posting this dialogue exchange on your blogs.  You could then link to each other’s blogs and give each other credit for the collaboration.  It would be an excellent way to start networking online with each other!

Tomorrow, no graded post is due, but you should still post something.  This would be a great activity to post.  Let me know if you need assistance.