Developing Characters

Daily Prompt

WN #16: Verb Tense

You probably have a tense you naturally want to write in, but sometimes, there may be another tense that will better achieve your writing goals for a particular piece.

Past, present, and future are the most basic forms of tenses.

Write two lines (about anything of your choosing), first in past tense, then in present tense, and finally, in future tense.

How does changing the tense affect the feel of the words?

Class Chain Story: let’s talk about what I think will be an exciting collaborative class activity.

Don’t forget!  Cromaine Library is having an annual writing contest.  Consider submitting.  The deadline is in one week!

Let’s work on character development today.  Flip to a new page and write the name of a fictional character at the top, a character you’ve already created.

Now, create a character dossier.  Get to know your character as well as you can.   Then, use this information and add it to a piece you’ve already written with this character, or consider writing a new piece with the character.

To be a truly descriptive writer, you need to know your characters deeply.  This is an exercise that can help you do that.  You may be surprised what you learn about your characters.

As you write, I will continue conferencing.

Happy writing!

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