Reading like a Writer

Daily Prompt #18:  Considering yourself as a character

Guess what?  There’s going to be a book written about you!  What’s the title?  
Come up with at least one idea that you think each of the following people would suggest.

* Yourself
* Your mom (or dad or guardian: your choice)
* Your best friend
* Your worst enemy (or someone who doesn’t really care for you or someone who doesn’t really know you)
* Your pet (or your favorite toy or possession)

Today is another chance to enjoy reading your novel and analyzing it as only a writer can.

Today’s focus is on character development.  In the reading section of your journal, write the name of the character you want to track in your reading.

As you read, keep track of how the author develops the character.  Do they rely on imagery?  Other characters’ perceptions?  Dialogue?  Character voice?  Jot down specific examples and page numbers.

Happy reading!