The Power of Punctuation

Writer’s Notebook

Daily Prompt #20: Punctuation Social Personalities

Consulting the “Punctuation Social Personalities” handout, decide which type of punctuation best matches you and your personality.  You can pick more than one.

For example, here’s how I’d describe my personality using punctuation:

– ! ? ; ! –

Now, write about.  You can choose to write informally (journal-style) or make a story or poem out of it.  It’s your personality; you decide.

Write for ten minutes.

If you couldn’t tell, today’s focus is on recognizing the power of punctuation in our writing.  A well-placed period can make all the difference in a piece.

Look through your notebooks and find a piece of writing you are fond of.  Then, consulting the handout provided, consider how you can revise the writing to ensure the punctuation is working for you, not against you.  In other words, be sure you are giving your punctuation a job which matches its social personality.

Time permitting, revise the punctuation in other pieces in your notebook.  Better yet, help a peer and give them punctuation feedback they’d feel comfortable sharing with you.

As always, happy writing!


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