Reading like a Writer

Daily Prompt #22:  Inspired by an Image

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Try your hand at caption writing today.  Write as many captions as you can in five minutes, incorporating as many types of punctuation as you can.

Be prepared to share.

Today is another chance to enjoy reading your novel and analyzing it as only a writer can.

Today’s focus is on – you guessed it – punctuation and syntax.

As you read, be mindful of how the author writes structurally.  What types of sentences?  What types of punctuation? What’s the frequency?  Do you see any mistakes?  Do they seem purposeful, or are they an example of poor editing? Use your cheat sheets this week as a guide.

After reading, open up your journals to your “reading like a writer” section.  Take a few minutes to write a reflection of your observations.  How do the author’s syntactical and punctuation choices create a style for the author and how would you define it?  As always, be prepared to discuss.

Happy reading!

Sorry. I couldn’t resist.