Reading like a Writer

Daily Prompt #24:  Catharsis

Write about whatever’s on your mind right now.

Write for five minutes.

Today is the last built-in day to read your current novel.  Book reviews are due this Friday, so the remainder of the week will be spent learning how to write a review.

Something you’ll have to identify in your review of the book is the writer’s style.  As you read, think about adjectives you could use to describe the style.  The list of terms I’m providing can help steer you in the right direction.  I recommend you attach it somewhere in your notebook.

After reading, flip to the reader’s section of your notebook.  Then, decide on one or two words that best describe the style and then explain why you think that. Discussing sentence structure, punctuation, characterization, plot, and other elements can all help you determine what a writer’s style is.

Happy reading!

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