Writing a Book Review: Day Three

Daily Prompt

WN #27: Questions

Write a question at the top of your notebook.

For five minutes, write a response to it (if you’re feeling more daring, exchange notebooks with a peer and answer each other’s questions).

It’s time to have a peer give you constructive criticism on your review.

Have at least two peers read your review and offer feedback.  To get the most out of this, write down WHAT you are looking for feedback on at the top of your paper.  For example, do you want advice on your intro?  Do you worry you’re repeating yourself?  Give your peer editors a focus.

When editing, be sure to write directly on your peers’ drafts so they can read your comments.

Don’t be afraid to correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors.  This is a kind thing to do so they don’t post something unprofessional on their blogs!

Once you’ve read some of your peers’ reviews, take the time to read the comments you received on yours and make adjustments, as needed.

Happy Writing!


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