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Daily Prompt

WN #28: Spring Break

Get it out of your system.  Freewrite for five minutes about the topic, exploring what you will be doing, what you hope to be doing, and if you’re looking forward to it or not.


Students, April is National Poetry Month.  In this class, there will be many wonderful ways to get involved and celebrate the art of poetry.  Here are some highlights:

NaPoWriMo: National Poetry Writing Month.  Join me as I take on the challenge of writing and posting 30 poems in 30 days.  Click here to submit your blog and earn a prize for completing this lofty goal!  The challenge begins this Wednesday, April 1st.

Creative Communications Poetry Contest: submit a poem to this contest (very easy to do) and your work may be published in a collection of poems.  Deadline: April 16th.  I would LOVE to see everyone submit.

Dear Poet: we will be watching current poets read their work and then emailing them our thoughts in letter form. Some students’ letters (emails) will be answered by the poets and shared on in May.

Poetry Slam: April 30th, we will have a poetry celebration in our class where we will share our own work while enjoying good food and good conversation.  For those willing, we will videotape the poetry reading and post it on our class blog for future students to watch and learn from.

30 Ways to Celebrate National Poetry Month:  here’s a list of different ways to celebrate.  Some of these we will do in class; others you may wish to try on your own!

Okay, for today’s lesson.  This week, we’re all going to write on one image so we can truly appreciate all the unique ways we can interpret the same subject.

Here’s the image:


Write down everything you see.  Don’t interpret yet.  Just make observations.


Everyone share out.


Now, write down some interpretations.  What’s going on?  What’s the story here?


Write for a full ten minutes.


Share out.


Tomorrow, you will have time to start crafting a more polished piece inspired by this image.


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