Oulipo Poetry and Old School (memoir)

Daily Prompt

WN #32: Oulipo Poetry

There are many different types of Oulipo poems, which are mathematical in nature.  One of the easiest forms to try is the “Snowball.”  There are two versions.

Version One: Write a poem in which each line gets progressively one word longer (first line is one word, second line is two words, third line is three words, etc.)  Here’s one I wrote.

Version Two: Write a poem where, within each line, the words get progressively longer (example: I am far from happy Mother reduced)

Want a challenge?  Click here for “N+7” approach.

Today, we’re going to read some of the memoir, Old School by Tobias Wolff.  As you read, write down questions you have for the author in your “Reading Like a Writer” section of your notebook.  You might actually get the chance to ask the author next week!

Before you leave, here’s our poem-of-day.




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