Abecedarian Poetry

Daily Prompt

WN #39: Title Poem

Pay homage to your favorite books, movies, or poems by writing a title poem.  Feel free to combine favorite titles to create unique poetry.

Take ten minutes.

Today, I want you to try (alone or with a partner) your hand at writing an Abecedarian poem.  These poems use the alphabet to start every line.  Here’s one I wrote.  

If you’re not sure what to write about, I recommend an Abecedarian advice poem.  The Enlightened Narrator over at Short Story Utopia gave me the idea!

Reminders for Thursday:

  • don’t forget to carry a poem in your pocket (and share it with others!)
  • bring a poem you’re willing to share with the class tomorrow
  • decide if you’re willing to be videotaped discussing and reading your poem tomorrow
  • bring food, drink, or supplies if you signed up to do so
  • finish the NaPoWriMo challenge (tomorrow is the last day and you will be awarded your prize!)