Found “Black out” poetry

Daily Prompt

WN #38: Color Poem

Pick a color and try writing a color poem.

Write for ten minutes.

Today, we’re going to have some fun with Found poetry. ¬†We have at our disposal many books you are allowed to tear the pages out of and “black out” to make your own unique poetry.

Make as many found poems as you like and please display them somewhere in our room, in your locker, or give them to a teacher, a friend, or a family member — spread the word about National Poetry Month by sharing Found poetry with those around you.

Also consider taking a photo and posting them on your blog!

Happy Writing!

Reminders for Thursday:

  • don’t forget to carry a poem in your pocket (and share it with others!)
  • bring a poem you’re willing to share with the class tomorrow
  • decide if you’re willing to be videotaped discussing and reading your poem tomorrow
  • bring food, drink, or supplies if you signed up to do so
  • finish the NaPoWriMo challenge (tomorrow is the last day and you will be awarded your prize!)