Making Blogs

Hi folks! This week, we are meeting in lab 300 every day so you can make your blogs, enroll in Google Classroom, and provide feedback on each other’s blogs.

What’s due today:

  • email me (
    • the name of your blog
    • a link to your blog (I know it won’t be done yet)
    • your pen name

Once you’ve done this, use the remainder of class to work through the packet on how to make a blog on WordPress.


Creating Blogs

Hi Class!  Today (and all of next week) we will be meeting in lab 300 so you can create your blogs.  There will be various deadlines throughout the week, so be sure to check our class blog daily when you arrive to class.

Use this packet to help you move through the process step-by-step. I have also created a brief video tutorial as an additional aid.  I will also be here to help you out.


Have fun!

Blogging Basics Continued

Daily Prompt #7: A “given” first line (from William Kittredge)

Begin a story with the line: Where were you last night?

Write for five minutes.

Today, we are going to continue working on the Blogging Basics packet. We will be reviewing this as a class as well.


Remember, we are meeting in lab 300 tomorrow so you can complete the online portion of this quiz.  See you then!

Blogging Unit: Digital Citizenship

Daily Prompt #6: Senses Exploration

Practice utilizing all the five senses in your writing: see, hear, feel, taste, smell.  Write for five minutes describing this classroom and all the five senses you’re experiencing at this exact moment.

Before we start talking about blogging, let’s share our writing goals with one another. Be sure to write your goals down somewhere in your notebooks. On every rubric for a graded assignment, I will ask you to write one of your goals on the top and explain how you’re working towards it.


Okay, on to blogging. In this class, you will be creating a blog.

What is a blog?

a personal website or web page on which an individual records opinions, links to other sites, etc. on a regular basis.

Why have one?

After next week, you can officially call yourself a blogger!

But before you do, we need to talk about something very important: digital citizenship.

Here is an overview of my digital citizenship expectations for this class.

Finally, here is a digital citizenship contract everyone needs to sign.


With the time remaining, let’s start talking about blogging basics. Today, you will work at your tables in groups reading and responding to questions about how to blog. We will continue the lesson tomorrow.



Writing Goals and Reading like a Writer

Daily Prompt #5: 

Catharsis – the process of releasing, and thereby providing relief from, strong or repressed emotions.

It’s time to unleash any thoughts you have about the week or upcoming weekend.

Write for 7 minutes about anything you need to get off your chest.  The goal is to write the entire time.

Before we start talking about writing goals, let’s talk about what you’re already good at as a writer. On a post-it note, put your name and 1-3 aspects of writing you feel you have strength in. We’ll brainstorm some ideas now to get you thinking.

Okay, now let’s talk about what want to improve upon: your writing goals for the semester. What are they? Why have them? How can you create useful ones?

Tomorrow, you will be sharing your writing goals with the class. Come prepared by writing them down.

One of the best ways to get inspired to write is by reading the works of writers. Let’s talk about what it means to read like a writer.

Now, let’s practice this concept by analyzing the first lines of several books.