Screenwriting: Day Three

Daily Prompt #18: Responding to Art

Look at the image below, then free write for seven minutes about it. See where the image and your mind take you!

[noone] / Source / CC BY-NC-ND

Hi folks!

Review the handouts: Building Blocks of a Script and Formatting a Script.

Then, alone or with a partner, try your hand at writing a mini screenplay for the following scenario:

John heard a strange noise in the closet. As he crossed the room to investigate, he heard Diana scream something terrifying. He tried to decide what to do. Then, he made his decision.

Elaborate as much as you want. Be prepared to share and discuss your mini script tomorrow.

IMPORTANT: It was brought to my attention the deadline for submitting a creative essay to Creative Communication has changed. The deadline is TOMORROW (Oct. 15th). I strongly encourage all of you to submit. Go to this website to submit. It only takes a few minutes! The link is also available on Google Classroom on your Creative Essay rubric.






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