Script writing: Peer-editing Continued

Daily Prompt #27: Inspired by an Image

Courtesy of pdpics
Courtesy of pdpics

Write for seven minutes, inspired by this image.

Today, the class is going to divide into two groups: screenwriters and playwrights. In those groups, sit in a large circle, rough drafts in hand.

Continually pass your scripts clockwise until you get your original back (or the end of the hour: whichever comes first). Every time you get a new script in hand, read it, and write a comment at the end. Your comment should include:

something specific you like about the script

something specific you think could be improved

If you see writing convention errors (spelling, grammar, punctuation) please mark those errors directly on the script.

Remember, we are meeting in the lab tomorrow. Scripts are due tomorrow night! 🙂



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