Final blog post of the week! I LOVE the haunting image which accompanies this two-sentence story. It adds another dimension and causes the reader to feel sympathy for the girl. Why would he leave her standing there? What happened? Great post for generating story ideas!

all too well

He regretted a lot. Most of all, he regretted leaving her.

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Fiction and Verb Tense

Daily Prompt #35: Verb Tense

Take one of your six-word stories from last week and rewrite it the following ways:

*present tense

*past tense

*future tense

Which do you prefer for this story and why?

Take five minutes.

Verb tense is pretty important for a story. For most, you’ll choose past or present tense, but you have to consider what makes the most sense for your story. What feels right? Most important of all, are you staying consistent? The second you start shifting tenses, you lose your reader.

As you work on your fiction pieces today, jot down answers to the following in your notebook alongside the rough draft you’re crafting:

What genre(s) am I writing in? What should I include in my story because of this?

Does my story fit within the hero’s journey? Are there stages missing I want to include?

What point of view am I writing in? From which character’s perspective?

What verb tense am I writing in?

Use this class period to get as much of a rough draft done as possible.

Tomorrow, we will be in the lab so you can post something on your blog. It need not be a fiction piece, but it can be.

Happy writing!