Free Verse Poetry

DP #43: Acrostic Poems

A highly structured poem is the acrostic.  Take a word, write it vertically, and then use the letters to form lines.  Here’s an example from my blog: Your Teacher Writes Too.

Play around for ten minutes.

Today, we’re going to talk about a very popular form of poetry: free verse. What is free verse?

Let’s have a little fun.  We’re all going to write a free verse poem about the following:




Take five minutes and start crafting a free verse poem about this.  The key is not to over think it when you start. Here are some suggestions to help get you started (if you need it):

  • consider topics that you are passionate about
  • start writing down images, thoughts, and ideas you associate with the topic
  • play around with punctuation and cutting off lines without any punctuation
  • play around with the length of your poem’s lines
  • how does the form and structure of your poem enhance the meaning?

Be prepared to share with your tables and with the class.

Try writing a free verse poem (or two or three) during the remainder of class.

And before you leave, here’s our poem-of-day.