Found poetry

I enjoyed seeing Found poetry from a student’s notebook. The end result was quite chilling!


This writing is from my writers notebook. I looked back through my writings, picked a piece of writing and picked out words to make a story.

Hi,just 5 years back, everyone killing anyone, North Carolina to Russia has gone psychotic. We thought safe places were real, terribly wrong, no safe place left.

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Limericks and a Crash Course in rhythm, meter, and rhyme

DP #46: Fear

Freewrite for five minutes about what you fear.


This week’s focus in on highly structured poetry.  To help you write one, we’re going to discuss how rhythm, meter, and rhyme affect a poem.

Now, try your hand at writing a highly structured poem called a limerick.

The general structure is this:

5 lines (1st, 2nd, and 5th are longer, 3rd and 4th are shorter)

Rhythm: anapestic

Ryhme Scheme: aabba

Often humorous and bawdy (but don’t have to be)

Here’s one I wrote.

It’s not easy.  Take a stab at it.  If you like it, post it on your blog!