Student Choice Week!

DP #57: Dreams

Using concrete and figurative language, describe a dream, making it as bizarre or realistic as you like. Your focus is to make the dream as vivid as possible.

Write for ten minutes.

Hi students! This week, you will have the opportunity to write. After our daily prompts, you will be given the time to work on whatever writing project you’d like. During this “free time,” you may do the following:

Write silently
Read silently
Quietly converse with a peer about his/her writing

You may not:

Have random conversations
Work on homework/study for other classes

Please respect these rules so everyone can enjoy productive creative writing time.

You will be expected to post a piece of writing on your blog this Friday. It will be a summative assessment. Here is the rubric. Please note it is slightly different from previous rubrics.

Happy writing!