Plot: the Hero’s Journey

Daily Prompt #19: Considering yourself as a character

Guess what?  There’s going to be a book written about you!  What’s the title?  
Come up with at least one idea that you think each of the following people would suggest.

* Yourself
* Your mom (or dad or guardian: your choice)
* Your best friend
* Your worst enemy (or someone who doesn’t really care for you or someone who doesn’t really know you)
* Your pet (or your favorite toy or possession)

Take seven minutes.

As you start to develop ideas for your pieces of fiction, you need to closely consider the plot of your story. Aside from the traditional mountain peak plotline, another way of checking to make sure your plot is interesting is by testing it against the hero’s journey.

At your table, using the diagram provided, take a story or movie you all know and see how it fits this plot. Write it on a whiteboard and be prepared to share with the class.

Developing your plot is probably going to be one of the hardest aspects of this unit. Tomorrow, we will spend some time generating ideas for potential plots.

For the remainder of the hour, start making a list of some general ideas you have for stories. Or, if you already have your ready, begin working on it.

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