NaNoWriMo: Day 3

Hi folks! Today, we are going to talk about CONFLICT,  an essential ingredient to any good story.

Open up your workbooks to page 15 to learn more.

You should complete the handouts on pages 16-18, but only after you have completed your character questionnaires.

Both the character questionnaires and conflict handouts should be shown to me for points. I want to give you credit for your noveling hard work! Make a goal to have them both done by tomorrow (Friday) so you don’t get behind.

It’s the last ten minutes of class. Stop working on your character questionnaires and focus on writing something for your novel. Ready, set, go!

DP #29: Write your novel

Write non-stop until the end of class: anything and everything to do with your novel. Feel free to bring your own technology if you want to type instead of hand write.


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