NaNoWriMo: Day 8

Hi folks!

Time to review our class word counts and award some more winners for the first challenge: reaching 25% and the second challenge: reaching 50%!

Today’s focus is on writing the beginning of your novel. Many of you have probably already written one (and it’s okay if you haven’t!).

Take a look at pages 49-52 in your workbooks. As you can see, there are essentially four ways to start your novel:

  • at the beginning
  • at the inciting incident (the first sign of conflict)
  • in medias res (in the middle of things)
  • at the end

Try writing the beginning of your novel each of these four ways (your workbook gives you some room). When you’re done, show Mrs. Keskes for points and then choose one to type onto your novel on NaNoWriMo!

*Note: if you’ve already typed the beginning of your novel on your site, you don’t have to hand write it again. Instead, just try writing out the other three ways to begin your novel. You may end up liking one of them better!


Here’s a refresher on what you should complete for points:

  1. Character Questionnaire (pgs. 12-14)
  2. Conflict Handout (pgs. 16-18)
  3. Plot Description (pg. 26)
  4. Plot Rollercoaster (pg. 28)
  5. Four ways to begin your novel (pgs. 50-52)

You have the hour to keep working on these activities. The last ten minutes, you’ll continue writing your novel to add to your growing word count.


DP #31: Write your novel

Write non-stop until the end of class: anything and everything to do with your novel. Feel free to bring your own technology if you want to type instead of hand write.


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