NaNoWriMo: Day 9

Hi folks!

Time to review our class word counts and award some more winners for the first challenge: reaching 25% and the second challenge: reaching 50%!

Today’s focus is on the setting for your novel. Many of your novels probably have more than one.

Let’s take a look at page 30 in your workbooks together.

On pages 31-33, it asks you to describe settings that would enhance characters, including those in your novel. Pick ONE to write a setting for (but feel free to do more if it helps!) This exercise is really asking you to use imagery in your writing. Did you know there actually seven types of imagery? Try incorporating as many of these as you can in your setting description.  Show it to Mrs. Keskes when you are done.

Now let’s look at how setting can enhance mood. Let’s look at pg 34 together. On pages 36-37, write down the mood you are trying to create for each of the five parts of your novel. Next, describe the setting in those parts that will help create that mood. Remember to use the seven types of imagery as you do.


Here’s a refresher on what you should complete for points:

  1. Character Questionnaire (pgs. 12-14) EVERYONE IS DONE!
  2. Conflict Handout (pgs. 16-18)
  3. Plot Description (pg. 26)
  4. Plot Rollercoaster (pg. 28)
  5. Four ways to begin your novel (pgs. 50-52)
  6. Setting that enhances a character (pgs. 31-33)
  7. Settings that enhance mood in particular scenes (pgs. 36-37)

You have the hour to keep working on these activities. The last ten minutes, you’ll continue writing your novel to add to your growing word count.


DP #32: Write your novel

Write non-stop until the end of class: anything and everything to do with your novel. Feel free to bring your own technology if you want to type instead of hand write.


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