NaNoWriMo: Day 10

Hi folks!

Time to review our class word counts and award some more winners for the first challenge: reaching 25% and the second challenge: reaching 50%!

Today’s focus is on dialogue.

Take a look at pages 38-41 in your workbooks. It explains three things dialogue should do:

  • reveal characters’ relationships to one another
  • move the story forward
  • increase the tension


On page 41, pick one of the six scenarios listed and write it in your workbook. You can later transfer it into your novel.  I have a supplemental handout for you as well to ensure you format your dialogue correctly.

Here’s a refresher on what you should complete for points:

  1. Conflict Handout (pgs. 16-18)
  2. Plot Description (pg. 26)
  3. Plot Rollercoaster (pg. 28)
  4. Four ways to begin your novel (pgs. 50-52)
  5. Setting that enhances a character (pgs. 31-33)
  6. Setting that enhances mood in a particular scene (pgs. 36-37)
  7. Dialogue (pg. 41)

You have the hour to keep working on these activities. The last ten minutes, you’ll continue writing your novel to add to your growing word count.


DP #33: Write your novel

Write non-stop until the end of class: anything and everything to do with your novel. Feel free to bring your own technology if you want to type instead of hand write.


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