NaNoWriMo: Day 15

DP #35: NaNoWriMO reflection

At this point, you’re probably thinking one of two things: 1) this is the best assignment I’ve ever had in my entire life (I get to write for fun for a grade!)


2) Mrs. Keskes believes in the slow torturing of her students’ psyches.

You may be feeling both, depending on the time of day.

In that light, take a few minutes and write down

  1. something you’re enjoying about this experience
  2. something you’re struggling with

Please be prepared to share.


Hi folks!

Time to review our class word counts and award some more winners for the second challenge: reaching 50% and the third challenge: reaching 75%!

Today, let’s talk about subplotting. Open up your workbooks to page 53-54 which provides on an overview.

On page 54, there is a bonus exercise. It asks you to create an antagonist for a secondary character as a way to build conflict for a subplot.  On the bottom of the page, write out your ideas for this. This could look like a list, an outline, or an actual scene written out. Whatever you prefer.  Let me see it once you are finished.

Here’s a refresher on what you should complete for points:

  1. Conflict Handout (pgs. 16-18)
  2. Plot Description (pg. 26)
  3. Plot Rollercoaster (pg. 28)
  4. Four ways to begin your novel (pgs. 50-52)
  5. Setting that enhances a character (pgs. 31-33)
  6. Setting that enhances mood in a particular scene (pgs. 36-37)
  7. Dialogue (pg. 41)
  8. Subplot (pg. 54)

You have the hour to keep working on these activities and keep writing your novel!



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