NaNoWriMo: Day 28 (crunch time!)

DP #38: What’s left?

You only have three days left to make your word count goal (that’s including today).

Take five minutes to jot down what’s left for you to do to make that happen. Is there a scene you haven’t written yet? A new character to introduce? Imagery you want to go back and add in?

Be prepared to share.

You may be stuck. Out of inspiration at this point. For that reason, today and tomorrow we are going to use what is called the “Writer Emergency Pack.”

I’ll be placing ten cards at each table. Five of the cards are illustrated idea cards and five of the cards are detail cards.  Listen closely as I read the emergency procedures.

Try allowing one of the illustrated idea cards (with matching detail card) to guide your writing today. Feel free to use more than one. Just write, write, write!

For our NaNoWriMo celebration party on Friday (because I know you’re all going to hit 100%!) I will be supplying pizza! We could also use pop, snacks, treats, and paper products. There will be a sign-up sheet going around. Please sign up to bring something if you can.


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