Creating Blogs: Day One

Hi Class!  Today (and half of next week) we will be meeting in the lab so you can create your blogs, as well as read and comment on each other’s.

Use the packet provided to help you stay on top of your daily tasks.

Today’s tasks:

1. get enrolled in Google Classroom (class code is on your syllabus).

2. create a WordPress account (watch this video tutorial for assistance).

3. write down your username and password somewhere secure and where you won’t lose it.

4. email Mrs. Keskes ( or Mrs. Hoerauf
( with a link to your blog and pen name.

5. select a theme for your site that reflects your unique personality

6. create 3 Widgets (your choice)

7. don’t panic if you don’t finish. You can continue where you left off Monday.

Have fun, and don’t be afraid to ask Mrs. Keskes lots of questions. This can be overwhelming at first!





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