Flash Fiction: Day One

Daily Prompt #17: Inspired by Images

Write whatever comes to your mind when you view this photo. Write for ten minutes and be prepared to share a piece of what you write.

Photo courtesy of Pixabay
Photo courtesy of Pixabay

For the next few weeks, our focus will be on writing fiction. This week, we will be focusing specifically on flash fiction.

Why?  Because of its brevity, flash fiction requires you to write perfectly and precisely.  It’s a great way to fine tune your skills!

Today, we’ll look at six-word stories.   Here’s a classic example by Ernest Hemingway:

For sale: baby shoes, never worn.

In your notebooks, write down the “story” hidden inside this piece of flash fiction.

Let’s discuss.

Let’s look at a few more examples.

Now, write your own!


Trade notebooks.  Write your reactions to another person’s six-word story in his/her notebook.  What is the hidden story you see?






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