Short Stories and Novel Excerpts: reading samples

Daily Prompt #21: Take Three Nouns

Let’s have some fun with the plot generator site I showed you last this. Today, we’re going to use the site to generate three random nouns.

Write for seven minutes. Be prepared to share.

Today, we’re going to read some student samples of short stories and novel excerpts. Hopefully, this will give you a clearer idea of what you might want to do for your own fiction piece!

Let’s start with short stories; take ten minutes to read the two samples. When you’re done, you’ll discuss in groups, and then as a whole class, the following:

*What do these short stories have in common?

*What is different?

*What do you notice these short stories need to have?

*What questions do you have after reading these short stories?

Now let’s read the novel excerpts. As before, take ten minutes to read the samples, then be prepared to discuss them.



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