What is Poetry?

Daily Prompt #33: What is poetry?

What do you think about when you hear the word poetry? Explore all your feelings and experiences about it.

Take five minutes.

Folks, to kick off our April focus on poetry, we’re going to read some poems about poetry.

At your tables, you’ll find one poem. Read it, discuss it, and then prepare to share it with the class. Make this fun! Talk about why it’s interesting and pick specific lines to prove your point.

More specifically, complete the following with your group on a whiteboard:

  • Write a brief interpretation of the poem.
  • Write what you like about this poem and why.
  • Cite at least two examples from the poem of a word, phrase, or line that you really enjoy and why.
  • Designate a person to read the poem to the class (we’ll also put it up on the white board).
  • Designate a person to explain what’s on the white board.

Before you go, let me share with you some tips for how to read a poem. Consider these tips when you start writing your own poems!



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