Final Poetry Assignment and NaPoWriMo Awards

DP #44: Free Verse

Today, write for ten minutes about how you’re feeling right now. As you do, consider how you can craft these feelings into a free verse poem. Consider sharing with the class.

Today, I would like to honor the following seven students for completing NaPoWriMo2017: 30 poems in 30 days. What an incredible accomplishment!

2nd hour
Aislinn Bell

4th hour
Elise Payne
Morgan Talmage
Rachel Rotay

6th hour
Sarah Arnold
Jacqueline Burant
Zoe Yanik

Former Student
Emilee Watson

I also want to talk to you about your next summative assessment due this Sunday by midnight: a poem with a writer’s reflection.

Use the remainder of the hour to look through your notebook to determine which poem you’d like to work on and post this Friday. You can also create an entirely new one.

Don’t forget tomorrow is our Chalk Poetry Day! Be sure to bring an original poem you wish to turn into chalk art. If you have chalk, please bring it as well.


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